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Welcome to My Indie Author Site, the ultimate website builder and marketing platform created specifically for independent authors like you.

At My Indie Author Site, we understand the unique challenges indie authors face in standing out online. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate all-in-one platform to help you build your web presence and promote your work.

Our platform allow you to:

  • Easily build a professional author website with our user-friendly builder and book-focused templates. Showcase your books attractively and effectively.
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns to connect with readers, drive sales, and grow your fanbase. From email newsletters to social media management, we provide the tools indie authors need to thrive.
  • Gain valuable insights with our built-in analytics to inform your strategy. See what’s working and what’s not, then optimize accordingly.
  • Access ongoing training, resources, and support. Our team has your back each step of the way, providing guidance tailored to your needs.

At My Indie Author Site, we’re on a mission to empower indie authors to succeed on their own terms. Our platform brings together the essential tools for website building, marketing, analytics, and more in one convenient dashboard.

With affordable pricing specially designed for self-published authors, we make it easy to get started and build your online presence. Join our community of indie authors taking control of their careers.

Our Founders

Hayward Rodgers

CoFounder | CEO

Hayward has spent over a decade refining his skills in website development and building successful online businesses. His area of expertise lies in digital marketing, and he has assisted numerous family, friends, and clients build, manage, and grow their online business’.

When his wife Thetta decided to pursue a career as an independent author and book blogger, Hayward naturally assumed the role of her web designer and digital marketer. While navigating the industry, he recognized that the abundance of resources available to indie authors could be overwhelming, leaving many authors, both seasoned and new, uncertain about which tools to use, when to use them, and what benefits they can expect.

Over the years Hayward has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit most independent authors in three critical areas: developing a professional online presence, growing an engaged audience, and implementing automated marketing strategies. With a passion for empowering others to succeed, he has launched his most ambitious endeavor yet: My Indie Author Site, a platform dedicated to taking independent authors’ businesses to new heights.

Thetta’s passion for reading novels began at a young age and eventually evolved into an official hobby when she founded eroticbookreview.com. As a blogger, she won several awards for her book reviews in the first few years, but Thetta knew deep down that she was destined for something more. With a burning desire to become an author, she took a leap of faith and pursued her dream, publishing her first book “Love Hurts: Pure Sin Trilogy Book I“. From that moment on, Thetta James has never looked back.

Thetta learned from her blogging website that having a professional online presence is crucial for her new author business. She discovered that while social media and third-party marketing platforms are useful, they often impose constraints that limit your ability to connect with and market to your followers effectively. Together Thetta and Hayward created authorthettajames.com, an awesome website tailored to Thetta’s individual needs and has all the features she needs to make her business thrive!

Today, Thetta and Hayward are on a new journey working to create an all inclusive platform that provides independent authors with the necessary tools, services, and expertise they need to elevate their business to new heights.

Arthetta Rodgers

CoFounder | Author

Our Team